Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Is it a blessing or is it a bane...? You decide...

Here I am sitting down at my workstation and wondering when the system will be up. I just got into work today after being on leave yesterday and this has to greet me? I’m contemplating whether this is indeed a blessing or a curse…whichever which, I think I will just think of it being part of life. Neither a blessing nor a curse, just hang in there and live by it? If I do that, do I submit unconsciously to the thought of submission or should I question the rational for this to happen? As you may notice, I have so much to talk about now, since there is a vacuum right here, not being able to be productive, my mind floats to other places to think of this??

Having said that, this blog which I’m now attempting to resurrect, there have been numerous incidents that have had happened. There are many things to share but I guess I should not overload in one upload, rather take the easy way out and tell them as days go by…if that you the reader have the utmost patience to do so. With this, I humbly seek your kind consideration to perhaps allow me to speak gibberish in this blog and if they make sense to you, perhaps seek an understanding that you may agree or disagree with me by adding in your precious comments.

The latest updates I want to talk about this time round are the fact that I have met 2 guys…totally different in character and thoughts. However, the fact remains is that both of them are like 3 decades away from me! Yes, you have heard it right, they are younger, and case #1 is a 18year old, while case #2 is 21. For case #1, the circumstances leading to this meeting was held in the most unmentionable way, it was by way of a bored afternoon spent at the spa, and that was how this little liaison started.
Case# 2 is someone whom I have met like 2 years ago, went out for a dinner date and when he told me that his preferences was for taller guys, I thought maybe he was being a bit superficial because that was his only requirement. I thought it being quite unlikely to continue from there, wished him all the best and just kept a minimal of our conversations via the MSN by the standard hellos and byes.

So, you the reader may think what’s with the point of me bringing up these 2 case subjects? Actually, if I were to ask myself, I would not know it too but for the sake of wanting to share what’s in my life now, I thought it would be better for the readers to give me an opinion or in other words, judge me and guide me of what is going in my life?

Case# 1, shall we christened him as Xiao Fu (XF), is a fellow who works part time being a masseur at one of the spas located in the gardens of the Tun. Actually, I have noticed his picture for some time now as I regularly get updates of this spa from them and based on the gallery shown, he was someone that I thought looked interesting and decided to request for this services. Perhaps it was the will of the Heavens that I should meet XF that afternoon, when the attendant told me that he was available. So imagine my anticipation as I approached the spa and got down to “business”. I was ushered in this little treatment room with a bed, a couch and outside was the outdoor shower facilities. There was a towel that was placed at the end of the couch. I picked that up and began to undress myself. I wrapped the towel around me and waited. The waiting was incredulously torturing. Every seconds, you may wonder what may walk in, because in all my experiences, one can never trust the pictures posted on the gallery. There is always the element of photo shop being blatantly abused when trying to fix a picture, so I thought. I decided to walk out to inspect the outdoor shower area; it was done quite brilliantly so I thought. Then, there was a knock on the door and it was my therapist. He walked in, all 180cm of him and was lanky to begin with and that long hair, perhaps it’s a phase. So, he directed me to the shower area and he began to undress himself too. Suddenly, out of nowhere, a pair of hands began to hit the most sensitive part of my body, my stomach and knowing that I have yet to develop that 6 level packs, I began to feel a tad shy of him caressing that area.

The whole ritual continued with him giving me a wash up and the moment he began to move upwards, downwards and to an area which is extra sensitive, I began to feel a hardon coming up. I had thought hard to think of other things to avert this feeling but could not as my therapist too had an incredible hardon pressing against my body. This continued on for some time and before you knew it, it was time to face him to the face as all this while, my back was against him. As I gazed at his eyes, I could not help but allow myself to feel slutty and have my lips touched his. I must admit I initiated all of this action and a kiss turned out to be a frenchy one and was clearly intense

Thereafter, he led me in to the room, and as I laid down thinking of the wonderful pampering I will get, honest to be said, I got more than I bargained for. XF was really sensual with his movements and the way he went about to give me the treatment was really out of this world. I cannot think of any other therapist that would have gone down to such details. Well, as they said, one thing led to another and before I got to say “eureka” there he was already trying to initiate to “enter” me! I avoided him coming into me but finally, I relented as he was too good and his skills for a young guy, was really amazing! He possessed a rather odd looking weapon but nonetheless, it was nothing that I have not seen. I took it like a man and the more he did it albeit the painfulness, it actually felt good! Being a top myself I thought this young chap exceeded his skills to the max. I guess that afternoon; I have totally surrendered to the warm embrace of his skills. Another thing about him, when I complained that it was painful and asked him to move in slowly, he did so with much geniality, for a young dude, he was totally sensitive unlike some, which I know, are brash!

You could have guessed it, there was no proper massage treatment; what I had was an intense sexual act that afternoon. After we had finished with the task, he asked if he could hitch a ride from me. From a ride, it went to dinner, yes not the smart thing to do but I was intrigued to interview this XF. So, we settled at a restaurant in 1U, sat down and there he began to pour out to me his life story. He had 3 boyfriends before, and his last one was like 2 weeks ago. Alarm bells began to sound immediately when he said he broke off 2 weeks ago, yeah guys, rebound! I thought to myself, better keep my distance from him, as I could not afford to have an emotional tidal wave hitting me! In summary, he is an intelligent dude but comes from a broken up family, raised by his mother (dad walked out of the family), is still vague of what love is, kid like attitude and best of all, thinks that he knows best in all things (well not all, there are certain things he is still raw). I began to feel a sense of compassion for XF but I know that this is wrong, because knowing myself, to allow me to develop feelings for a kid yet a masseur is so totally awry! If you think that this was the last time we kept in touch, you are wrong my dear readers. For the minute my mind decides to say NO, my fingers began to text him and asked if he still wants to meet up! Talk about hypocrisy, assuring oneself but doing the opposite of it!

But, now, I’m more certain that my feelings for case#1 is one sided, I guess. I’m so sucked up to this that I give myself false hopes to think that I might be able to change him or influence him, but the more I spend time with him, suffice to say, I think he is taking advantage of me and the fact that I’m the one who buys dinner all the time. I’m at a loss…not that I cannot afford the dinners, but its more likely towards the emotional exchanges that might fall on me, and that these exchanges will only result in being one sided…

Friday, June 6, 2008


It was one of those very stressful day in the office. Nothing seemed to go right, and there you are stuck in between two feuding managers and what can you do? Let's just say that it was THE day which one would rather not want to go through but life makes you venture right into it and you have no choice but to put up a brave front and move on with it. So, that day was like what I went through, after battling and almost wounded and exhausted, I decided that life really was more than all that, and then I thought to myself, it was the pay that was making me stay on and endure.

And, endurance was what kept me going on, and not to say the pay was my major yardstick of sanity. Actually, my salary is nothing to shout about but it does pay the bills and also, perhaps give me at least some shopping freedom. So, there I was a wounded soldier on the verge of dying and what does one think of next...? Gym...yes, for me, strangely and very weirdly, that's how I manage to relax myself from all this stress by working out and de-stressing myself. It was close to 9pm, and I thought, maybe the gym would be empty by then and being a working day the next, perhaps I might have the whole work out area to myself?

what a stress-ful day!

Upon reaching the gym, I realized I was very wrong! It was crowded and there was a number of PLUs who were there too....and I was like, what the hell? Eyes rolling, never mind, I thought, maybe I will have to devise my plans for that evening. Like it or not, life was not going to be kind to me, and instead, what I wanted, it didn't turn out to be what I had expected! Bloody fucking assholes, I was crying out for my private space, but none was there to offer me, so reluctantly I had a terrible workout and instead, I headed to the changing room and stripped off my gym clothes and decided to head to the steam room, in the hope that I might just unwind for the day. As I made my way to the steam room, again my heart beat faster, hoping that it will not be crowded. Like the Chinese proverb says " There is a head and a tail" meaning in every situation that happens, there will be a start and an end. With great anticipation, I pushed the door open and what expected me was a pleasant surprise, as there were only 3 guys in it. I thought to myself, good, let it be that way, and I made my way to the little corner of that room. As I seated myself and began to unwind myself, the guy next to me, walked out and left. In my heart, I was thinking, perhaps the other two guys would also leave me alone.

The seconds began to click away but these two guys did not budge off from their area and instead I noticed some 'movement' between these two guys. From the faint steams arising, I noticed that they were not bad in their size. Fairly tall and also muscular, they kinda look cute but too much steam and further to that, the room was not brightly lit. I began to eye them and I noticed the guys were also eyeing me, and their movement indicated that they were trying to yank off their towel off and so to entice them, I did that same movement too and before anyone can say "eureka", these two also did the same. The minute they did that, what emerged out was two pairs of very nice men tool meaning, nice shape, nice length and nice width. It was so sexually arousing to see them just do it in front of me. Basically, the guy on his left was stroking the other guy's cock and the other one was also reciprocating the same way. My jaw nearly dropped and before you knew it, my little one became a sprouting mushroom. I made my way nearer to them and these two did not budge from their area and began to perform (so to speak) as if I was the only audience worth their salt to show off their talents. It was very hot (pardon the pun) but looking at them stroking and playing, and teasing each other, it was all too much for me, for before you knew it, I was also stroking my own. As they say, for every action there will be an reaction!

two naughty guys in a sauna, my lucky day?

But, our little fun ended there as before one of them could cum, someone was approaching and that mischievous little play act had to stop. The guy on his left moved out quickly and followed by the other guy, and from that very hot action, it became a no-show. I was thinking to myself, what the fuck? It was already close to climaxing why not allow me this chance to see the whole action? Reluctantly, I walked out of the steam room and entered into one of the shower stall and who do I see before me? It was the other guy and he had his curtain half opened just nice for me to observe him. I know he was really horny as he was jerking off vigorously and then when he saw me, he opened more for me to watch him. Like all good shows, there must be some acting too, so I too acted in accordance to his wishes and it was damn hot!! What's more to say? I'm sure you would have all guessed the ending, so let's just leave it that way.

it ended nicely though...

Anyway, that little drama stressed to me that life maybe give you shit but at the end of the day, you may still expect some little rebates out of all these. Hey, who can ask for more when two hunks play right in front of you, perform as you were the rightful owner to view their little private show, I don't think I can ask for more....

Monday, June 2, 2008


Steamy Steamboat

Just came back from a steamboat dinner with Slutty Whore, My Other Glam Half and her Cub boyfriend. Location was at this Telephone (spelled Talipon in Malay) Restaurant at Kuchai Lama Road. If you have been to this place before, you will notice that not only do they serve steamboat but they will also offer some dishes where you can fry on the spot. Actually, that steamboat pot is very small and the highlight of the contraption that comes with it is sections whereby you can fry your chicken, fish, meat...and they actually provide butter, err...cheaper version, its actually vegetable butter.

As in all buffet settings, you will have the usual seafood, meat and vegetables. This is the second time I'm actually patronizing this place but to tell you the truth, I did not want to go but since it was suggested by Slutty Whore and I did want to see my other half glam (have not seen her for some months now), I decided to tag along to go for it. Anyway, it was also a good chance to meet her cub boyfriend, which I have been hearing so much about from Slutty Whore.

As we settled to eat, we started to take the stuff that we wanted to eat, some took the chicken, some took the mutton and as for me, my beef was always there. I notice the cub had taken heaps of prawns and he was actually de-shelling them. I asked him why was he doing he, he told me that his girlfriend (which is my other half glam) will not touch it if the shell was still intact. Ahhh...such a loving boy friend...I wonder if I will ever get one that will actually do that for me, or maybe I will have to do it for them??? While all the eating and feasting was going on, we began to joke and some of the jokes were really not really apt for that place, what with children running around? The best part of the night when it came to the dessert part, I took the ice cream with the cone and then began to suggestively lick in the motion of how you would actually lick a **ahem** .

Need to work out after all that stuffing...

My other half glam gave me that "look" but in reality, she was enjoying my little antic. But, in all seriousness, never do it in a public place which is a "G" rating, where you have families around...however, I did make a point, the Cub actually couldn't resist and went to have one too! I told my other half glam...better watch out, he may be liking "ice-creams" more in the future! She gave me the disgusted look...

All in all, it was a good evening to end a weekend and whats to come later during work, oh gosh, I don't even want to think of it, but will just be positive about it. So, to all, have a good working week.

What a way to end the weekend...

Sunday, June 1, 2008


I managed to muster some strength to start updating my blog...yes it has been a rather long sabbatical which I must add has been also a refreshing one. What's been happening to me, you might ask...errrm, nothing really but the usual like going to the gym and doing stuff that I never had much to think about, you know, just living a life, and that all, made me not think so much of updating my blog too frequently. However, I do want to continue this updating and will come in here more often than none and share with you guys my mundane life...and if you find this too senseless to read, well, what do you expect when I am not even thinking of what to say actually.

ahhh, its so nice to be back....

So, all my faithful readers out there, I'm back....and hopefully do not dissapear again!

Monday, January 21, 2008


I have a confession to make. I'm so into this song "Relax" by Mika that I have to upload this into my blog and also mention this guy. He may not appeal to many but to me, I think he is great. As he is usually "campy", word has it that he is gay. But, Mika responded it very cleverly by saying that what has a guy's sexuality got to do with what he does on stage? I totally respect this guy, I mean a guy's sexuality is secondary to what he can do as a performer or even the talents that he possess.

This statement in itself reinforces that a person's talent should not be overshadowed by his sexuality. What he does he do in the four walls of his privacy is his business and as other lay people out there, there should not be any judgements whatsoever.

So here are some of his music video...enjoy...by the way, the first song, "Relax" is so danceable!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008


u want my underwear...?

When I was still green about the PLU world, the only place of contact for me was the IRC (at that time) and now, the various chat channels. Having the privileged of the Internet is really awesome as it led us to come to a point whereby we can virtually connect and build our networks with all kinds of people out there.

Well, having said that, of course, when such an interaction is established, the good and bad will be lumped in together. I do not deny that I had much fun chatting with these unscrupulous characters as they usually give me insights of how our PLU lives revolve around. Amongst my colorful chats, there are some that involves the various fetishes.

One such fetish is the saga of the “used underwear”. Yes, there are people who are actually indulging in such activities and I guess it completely norm for them. But, to the uninitiated like me who conforms to the majority of conservatives out there, such fetishes are a bit too harsh to accept. Nevertheless, to accept all kinds of diversity in our lives, we need to be tolerant and that is how I was approach by these people.

The chat began very innocently asking how I was and why was I hanging around in the chat room. We sort of talked a bit and then the proceeded to what our interests were. I began to tell him about mine and when it was his turn, I was completely stunned, for what he indulged into was something I did not thought of. He informed me that he was into underwear and more specifically, used ones!

“Err, you mean you like those used underwear?” I enquired enthusiastically.
“Yes, I like them but to be more specific, cum filled ones” he replied.
“Huh? Cum filled ones? How ah?” I again asked innocently.
“Well, all the guy needs to do is just jerk off into it and then send it to me”.
“Hmm, I do not think that’s my cup of tea” with eyes rolling.
“I know it’s not easy for others to accept it but it’s a fetish for me, and I have loved it ever since I tried it” he added.
“How did this happen?” I asked.
“A good friend of mine was sniffing it one day, and I happen to catch him doing it. I thought it was crazy to do such a thing but when he challenged me to try it, I took it and then suddenly, I liked the smell” he replied.
“You mean you like the smell? How is it that makes you like it? I posed.
“Not sure but the smell actually triggers me and it makes me high, and I get an instant gratification upon smelling it and playing with my dick at the same time. I will imagine the guy doing it while I’m masturbating” he told me in detail.
“Well, good for you, I guess like they say, one man’s meat is another’s poison” I laughed.
“So, would you like to shoot your cum into your underwear and let me have it?”
“My underwear and my cum?” I repeated.
“Yes, I want yours and you can drop it at this locker at the Kelana Jaya Swimming complex” he added.
jerk off into your underwear....

That guy actually told me the procedure of how to drop off the underwear into this specific locker and he will collect it later. I was like astonished by his request and what more, his insistence on me to give him my undies. But, I did not do it as I was too timid at that time and then again, I thought to myself, should I actually give him my good underwear or the ones, which is already loose, or have holes in them? And, should it be branded or some normal brands we have out there? This was all confusing, a part of me wanted to do it but the other part, well, I did not want to part with my precious undies.

wanna buy my undies...?

Later on, I learnt that there were actually guys who would buy these undies and would pay a hefty sum for it too, so perhaps, I can get some buyers out there? Any takers eh?

Sunday, January 13, 2008


Last night was quite happening for me. We celebrated Slutty Whore's birthday early and we had a pot luck dinner party at his place at the Rainbow Hills. THE food did not matter, what mattered most was the booze available. Of course, SW did not want us to buy him a present and instead asked us to each bring a dish and booze! So, there were wines, hard liquor and more hard liquor.

dressing up for the party...

As he had invited both straights and gays, one can definitely see the segregated groups converging at one area, whilst the queens took the other side. It was a bit boring at first but after our fabulous fag hag, MaMa-san Cynthia began mixing drinks and offering to both sides, suddenly the groups began to break up and merged. I looked with amazement with how the two groups managed to gap each other and just had so much fun.

We laughed and talked almost anything under the sky and the straight group were also game to join in with our banter. All in all, it was a night to remember but then, we were waiting for our main guest to arrive, who we named him, Wholesome Willy. He was wholesome in the sense, he had the looks, the body and best of all, he had this next door neighbor kind of guy, whom you would just love to smother him with all your tender loving kindness and what not, exert your ever powerful lust on him!

don't make me drunk, ya...

So, that night, we had Cynthia, Spiky Calvin, me (of course) and another few other guys all waiting to grab his attention. When he arrived, Cynthia immediately did her job by offering liquor to that poor boy. As we all know, WW cannot drink and immediately his face began to turn into strawberry red. It was so serious that he began to slur in his speech and this all happened by just one drink! Right smack at that moment, the three of us, oh no, the two of us actually began to take turns to get "closer" to our target. It was hilarious, as we all took turns to snap pictures with this hot hunk! But, alas, all good things have to end, our dear WW had to leave the party half-way as he has a buddy from overseas who is in town to meet him. Hence, he wasn't able to stay longer for if he had been longer, I think Cynthia would have used her charms to seduce a gay man!! YUCKS!!!

The night ended with a lot of drinks flowing freely and by the time it was late, only a fraction of the guests actually got drunk, the rest were still sober, meaning to say, the both of us (Cynthia and me) did not do a good job. Of course, we managed to molest Gyrating Gerald in bed!! Actually, it was the pretext of having a girl to girl talk and we invited GG to come in bed and lie between us, and before anything he could do, he was molested. However, if GG was angry, he sure did not show any objections in what we were doing, rather he was enjoying it but he kept on saying he didn't like it. Anyways, that molestation did end and we did let GG go off and by the time everything ended, it was already close to about 2 in the morning.

ok, we promise not to drink anymore...

Ah well, we all swore we will not drink anymore but knowing us, there will be an excuse for us to indulge in this again, maybe soon?